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* '''[ All Wikibases on this wiki]'''
* '''[ All Wikibases on this wiki]'''
* '''[ Known Wikibase hosts]'''
==Data model==
==Data model==
Each Wikibase has:
Each Wikibase has:

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A spiritual successor to the Wikibase Registry, Wikibase World is the Wikibase of Wikibases.

Feel free to create an entry for your Wikibase on this wiki if:

  • It is available for the public to consume (either read-only or read-write)
  • It intends to continue on an indefinite basis; in other words, it is not a temporary or interim Wikibase


Data model

Each Wikibase has:

  • P3 (instance of): Q10 (Wikibase site)
  • P1 (URL)
  • P2 (host)
  • P5 (inception)

Attempt at expressing this as a Shape Expression: EntitySchema:E1

Property mapping

You can use this wiki to map properties between Wikibases using P4, exact match. For an example of this in action, see how Property:P3 maps with its exact equivalent on Wikidata, P31.