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Wikibase World is a collaborative database of the Wikibase ecosystem, including individual Wikibase instances, itself running on Wikibase. By mapping Wikibases together based on the records they have in common, we make our individual databases interoperable with each other, building a greater open data ecosystem.

Add your Wikibase!

Feel free to create an entry for your Wikibase on this wiki if:

  1. It is available for the public to consume (either read-only or read-write)
  2. It intends to continue on an indefinite basis; in other words, it will not be deleted in the near future

To add your Wikibase:

  1. Create a new item with your name of the Wikibase as the label and "Wikibase site" or something else as the description
  2. Add a instance of (P3) claim with value Wikibase site (Q10)
    • Add a URL (P1) claim with the URL to your Wikibase
    • Add more properties if there are any—you can create items as needed to link to your Wikibase's item
  3. If your Wikibase has an exact match property (like Wikidata's), register it on Wikibase World's Property:P4


Missing properties on items describing wikibase instances

Data model

See Project:Properties

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